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ICSE 10th board results – Grading Scheme & Qualification criteria

The Indian Schools Certification Exam Board (CISCE) will announce the results of the ICSE 2018 exam in May. The CISCE Board of Directors will report the results of the ISC and the ISCE on its official website, cisce.org.

    ICSE 10th Result 2018
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Students who are waiting for their 10th result from CFSI 2018 and those looking for current updates on the 10th 2018 outcome of the CISCE Council have landed in the right place. Students can now breathe a sigh of relief as they will not have to look elsewhere for information on the ICSE 2018 result. According to the latest media reports, the results of the CFSI and the CFIA ISC 2018 will be available on the Council's official website in May.

ICSE Board Results
Exam:ICSE 10th Board
Exam Date:February 2018
Date of Result Declaration:May 2018 Last week

ICSE Board Results
Exam:ISC Board/ ISCE 12th board
Exam Date:February 2018
Date of Result Declaration:May 2018 Last Week

CISCE ICSE Results Statistics The ICSE exam was conducted in 57 written subjects of which 22 are Indian languages ​​and 9 are foreign languages. For the CISP in India, the Southern region has the highest percentage of success at 99.64%, followed by the Western Region (99.64%), the Eastern Region (98.22%). ) and North (97.85%). Abroad, CFSI has reached 100%.
ICSE's 10th 2017 result can provide students with an insight into their likely ICSE 10th Result 2018 scores. Students can analyze the scores from the 10th result of ICSE 2017 to understand the scoring process and the level of tenacity used by reviewers when verifying answer sheets. While anticipating their ICSE scores 10th result 2018, students should not have the utopian idea, which could drive them to despair in the end.

Last year, 1.75.299 students took part in CISCE ICSE 2017. Of the total number of students enrolled, the total success rate was outstanding at 98.58 percent. In terms of numbers, 95,959 boys were able to qualify and 77,765 girls managed to score the 10th result of ICSE 2017. The girls outperformed the boys in the 10th 2017 CFSI result in terms of percentage of total success of 99.02% boys who achieved a cumulative success rate of 98.12%. Muskan Abdullah Pathan of Pune and Ashwin Rao of Bengaluru shared the top spot with 99.4%. 2,106 schools submitted candidates in India and abroad for the ICSE exam in 2017.

Results of the IPSC's Jury - Grading and Qualification Criteria The minimum pass mark in the CFSI tables for each subject is 35%. The issued brand statement contains notes obtained in the respective subjects and the score obtained. The result sheet carried the overall score on a scale of 1 to 9; 1 being the best score. The quality of the performance and the score obtained go with each other as shown in the following table

Grading Scheme & Qualification criteria
Exam:ISC Board/ ISCE 12th board
Exam Date:February 2018
Date of Result Declaration:May 2018

After a year of hard work, students will try to give the best of themselves to the CISSE CISCE 2018 exam. After the exam, students will wait for their ICSE 10th Result 2018 scores to evaluate their performance. According to the latest reports, the CISCE Council plans to declare the CISSE CISSE result in May. Thus, students are more likely to get their ICSE result by the end of May.

Once announced, the 10th ICSE result will be available on cisce.org and students will be able to check their results through this direct link. Students will be able to post the ICSE 10th Result 2018 scores on this page, once CISCE has officially announced the ICSE 10th Result 2018 scores. Last year, the Council of Indian Schools Certification Examinations (CISCE) conducted the IPSC Secondary Council examinations from March 10 to April 21, 2017. The same would be expected this year and the exams will be held in March 2018. The duration of each exam will be 2-3 hours. according to the subjects.

Grade Score Obtained and Quality of Performance
1 & 2:1 & 2
3,4 & 5:Pass with Credit
6 & 7:Pass
8 & 9:Fail

We can see that the percentage of success has improved over the years 2013 to 2016. The good magnitude of this change is achieved when it is translated in absolute figures - between 2013 and 2016 no. students who have passed has increased by more than 62 thousand students which is not ordinary by any means. ICSE cards are comparatively considered lenient in their marking compared to CBSE. Let's take a look at the previous performance of the 10th ICSE Board, regarding increasing the percentage of success over the years.
Year of passing
2015:95.51 %
2016:98.02 %
2017:98.58 %    

The ICSE exam was conducted in 57 written subjects of which 22 are Indian languages and 9 are foreign languages. For the CISP in India, the Southern region has the highest percentage of success, at 99.64%, followed by the Western Region (99.64%), the Eastern Region (98.22% ) and North (97.85%). Internationally, CFSI has reached 100%. More statistics on the ICSE 2017 exam can be found

ICSE 2017 Examination Pass Percentage
Economic Applications:99.97%
Commercial Applications:99.97%
History, Civics & Geography:98.84%
Physical Education:99.97%
Commercial Studies:97.87%
Computer Applications:99.99%
The Indian Schools Certificate Exam Board (CISCE) has been in existence since 1958. Since its inception, the Council has witnessed a number of changes in its constitution and jurisdiction. The Council for Indian Studies Certificate Examinations (CISCE) finally obtained permission to proceed with the public review in 1973. The Indian Schools Certification Exam Board (CISCE) conducts the review of the SAI and CFSI annually. In addition to the CAI 12 exams and the PSTC 10 examinations, the Board also completes the Certificate of Professional Examination, which was created in accordance with the guidelines of the Department of Human Resources Development (MHRD).

ICSE Results Websites List

1) (http://www.cisce.org/).
2) (https://www.news18.com/news/india/cisce-result-2018-icse-class-10-result-2018-isc-class-12-result-2018-dates-on-cisce-org-here-are-details-1734929.html).
3) (https://www.jagranjosh.com/results/icse-10th-result-online-10th-145505).
4) (https://www.toppr.com/bytes/icse-10th-board-results/).
5) (http://www.4eno.in/result/icse-10-icse-12-board-result-expected-date/).

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The CFSI Junior Certificate of Achievement ICSE 2018 Class 10 Results and the Indian School Certificate The ISC 2018 Grade 12 results are likely to be reported by May 25th. CFSI and ISC exams official website - cisce.org

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