Updates And News Of SIMI Encounter In Bhopal

Updates And News Of SIMI Encounter In Bhopal

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has condemned the opposition parties have raised doubts about the group of eight students of the Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) who fled Monday from the central prison in Bhopal.

"They will not say two words about the martyrs: these men were feared terrorists, they were killed, we have no idea of ​​the terror that they would have spread to the outside, but hard to defend ". "I condemn such a policy," he added.

Earlier, the head of Congress Digvijaya Singh said: "The judiciary should investigate how the men escaped from prison. Why is it always the men who escape the prison are still SIMI men?

Another BJP leader, Kiren Rijiju, said: "We have developed this habit of raising doubts. The facts come forth, I will not deny anything, but simply on the basis of a clip that you can not raise it as ringtones.

Questions were raised after unverified footage of the meeting was provided to the media. In the video, police are heard saying, "Zinda Hai Maaro" - it is alive, shoot him and "Put one in the chest ... he will die."

One wonders if the eight men had agreed to surrender and were disarmed.
The Inspector General of Bhopal, Yogesh Choudhary says that men SIMI fired six shots at police officers. He also said that three policemen were injured with sharp weapons.

It is also alleged that four guns of domestic manufacture were found on the men. "How they got the weapons, we have to investigate," said Choudhary.

BJP reacts

Meanwhile, the Minister of Madhya Pradesh jail, Mehdele Kusum, said: "You should congratulate ourselves on having killed the same defendants they escaped She, however, agreed that there were gaps. in security in the prison.

"I agree that there are shortcomings on our part. Some CCTV prison may not work, but how they managed to climb the wall, I do not know," she said.

The eight men had killed a guard by cutting his throat, then climbed a wall 30 feet by ropes on the sheets.

"Hail Ramashankar Yadav (the guard who died in Bhopal jailbreak) for his bravery. Some people continue to raise issues absurd and insulting his sacrifice," said CM Chouhan Tuesday.

Another leader of the BJP, Venkaiah Naidu, called the "doubts" opposition parties "cheap politics".

"Some people show more concern for people who have escaped the prison, who always break the law that the safety and security of the Indians," said Naidu. "People are concerned about the SIMI terrorists and the religion they belong to, but why not the threat they created," he added.

Reaction of the opposition

The leader of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) Prakash Karat said the matter should be investigated by an independent judiciary and not by the NIA.

"The way these people have escaped and have been traced and slaughtered, the material to be examined," said Karat.