Colon Cleansing For Home Remedies Important Variations

Colon Cleansing For Home Remedies Important Variations

Colon or large intestine is the part responsible for the water re-absorption system and salts from solid wastes formed after gastrointestinal digestion before it is eliminated from the body. Usually the peristalsis of the large intestine ensures the removal of waste from the body 16-24 hours eating. In some people, the accumulation of hazardous waste in the colon occurs due to a malfunction of the colon. This buildup of waste causes toxins in the waste entering the colon walls.

Causes of Toxic Colon

When the colon becomes less active affects the disposal of waste from the digestive system. The major reason for low activity of the colon and toxic colon are:
• A poor diet
• Lack of exercise
• Stress
• reduced water consumption
• drug
• Way of life

Symptoms of waste deposition in Colon
When the colon retains the waste in the body, it can lead to various symptoms such as
• Headache
• Vomiting
• bloating
• Low energy level
• Strong breath
• Skin Allergy
• Flatulence
• Constipation
• Diarrhea
• Irritable bowel
• unexplained fatigue
• Weight gain
• protruding belly
If good colon cleansing is not done to eliminate toxic waste deposits, it can lead to serious problems such as skin allergies, stones from the gall bladder, heart disease, asthma and disease liver. Regular bowel movements prevent the deposit of waste in the colon to some extent. normal bowel movements do not completely eliminate waste in some people and therefore extensive purification using various methods may be necessary. There are many natural remedies for colon cleansing, which will remove all waste from the colon.

home remedies for colon cleansing
Here are some of the best home remedies you can try to clean the colon.

1. Lemon juice
Lemon is a powerful source of antioxidants and is rich in vitamin C. It is very good for the digestive system and is an ideal option that you can try for colon cleansing.
• Take the juice of one lemon into a glass and add a pinch of sea salt. Now add a little honey to the mixture.
• Pour warm water into the glass and mix well.
• Drink this mixture on an empty stomach every day in the morning.
• It will provide more energy, boost your bowel movement and is also good for your skin.
• You can also add two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice to a glass of apple juice and drink three to four times a day. Helping to thin the lining of the intestine.

2. Yogurt
Yoghurt or curd has antibacterial properties and provide your body with good bacteria and probiotics. It is also a rich source of calcium and help bring down the growth of cells that line the colon.
• Yogurt is very good to solve a lot of stomach problems such as: irregular bowel movements, indigestion, flatulence, and much more.
• Eating two to three tablespoons of natural yogurt daily will help improve colon health.
• You can also eat yogurt with fresh fruit such as lime, banana, apple and so on to help improve colon health.

3. Apple juice
A well-known home remedies for colon cleansing is the fresh apple juice. You need to make apple juice regularly to maintain a healthy colon as it will help improve bowel movements, aid in proper digestion, improves liver function, as well as toxins in your stomach breaks.
• Start your day with a glass of apple juice unfiltered.
• After half an hour, you should drink a glass of pure water.
• You must follow this routine several timers throughout the day for cleaning the colon.
• It would be even better if you can drink a glass of prune juice in between.
• To get the desired results, it is very important for you to drink freshly squeezed apple juice and too much juice of organic apples.
• It is important for you to avoid taking solid food when you opt for a cure apple juice for cleansing the colon.

4. rich in dietary fiber
Foods that are high in fiber will help in the rapid cleansing of the colon by removing toxins from the colon. Fibre helps in easy movement of the intestine and helps keep stools soft. It will help the body to cleanse toxins from the stomach easily. Here are the foods you should include in your diet to help increase fiber intake to help you in colon cleansing:
• Artichokes
• Broccoli
• Peas
• Apples
• Pears
• Raspberries
• Whole grains
• Nuts
• Beans
• Seeds
• Cereals
• Flax seeds
• oats

5. water
Drinking plenty of water is a cure for the simple and effective home for colon cleansing. Regular consumption of water will help the body flush out all the harmful toxins and waste from your body naturally. The water will help keep your body stay hydrated and therefore you need to drink water regularly to keep your body lubricated.
• Make sure you drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water every day.
• This will help in triggering peristaltic action and naturally your colon will start functioning in a normal way very soon.

6. Sea salt
One of the most effective ingredients you can think for colon cleansing is sea salt. It will improve the circulation of the intestine and also eliminate harmful toxins in your colon. The sea salt will help you easily remove the material accumulated feces, parasites, bacteria and feces regular digestive system. Taking too much sea salt can cause diarrhea and it is important for you to take in plenty of water during this remedy.
• Add a tablespoon of sea salt in a glass of clean water and boil.
• Drink this solution in the state first hot or cold thing in the morning.
• After a few minutes, you can lie on your back and massage your stomach to your area of ​​the colon gently to help improve bowel movement.

7. Flaxseed
Flaxseed will help cleanse your colon. It is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids and has loads of natural fibers that will help in cleansing the colon. It will help you absorb water and expand your colon. All the toxins and mucus will be removed from your colon.
• Add a tablespoon of finely ground flax seeds in a glass of drinking water and mix well.
• Drink water that half an hour before eating your breakfast as well as half an hour before going to bed every day to cleanse your colon and also get other health benefits.
• You can also add flaxseed powder into your daily dose of yogurt or fruit or vegetable salad or other healthy foods for cleansing the colon effective.

8. Ginger
Ginger is another natural ingredient that you can use to improve the functioning of the colon and remove harmful toxins and waste from your body. It will help reduce bloating of the stomach and also helps to improve digestion.
• Ginger can be consumed in any form such as juices, cut pieces or puree in state.
• Add a teaspoon of ginger juice with one teaspoon of honey and mix it in a glass of drinking water.
• Consume this mixture two to three times a day to remove toxins and waste from your colon and make your colon healthy.
• Adding ginger to herbal tea or green tea also help in colon cleanse effectively.

9. Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is loaded with detoxification functions and works as an effective colon cleanser. Aloe Vera is not only known to improve colon health, but is also very effective in treating skin problems, constipation, diarrhea and headaches.
• Remove the gel of Aloe Vera leaves. To this gel add the juice of a lemon.
• Stir and mix it in a blender to get good juice.
• Keep this Aloe Vera juice in the refrigerator for three to four hours.
• Drink this juice several times a day, as this will help to improve colon health.

10. Vegetable juice
If you are looking for colon cleansing, it is important for you to stay away from processed foods and cooked food for two days. It is ideal for you to depend only on fresh vegetable juices for a day or two to improve intestinal transit and also to cleanse the colon.
• Switch to a new vegetable juice diet for a couple of days if you're looking to cleanse your colon.
• Drink fresh vegetable juice several times a day, because it contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and sugar that will help improve bowel movement and keep your body healthy.
• Make sure you consume freshly prepared vegetable juices.

Are you looking to cleanse your colon? Want to know the natural and simple home remedies that you can try to clean your colon? Well, all you need is to try some of the house mentioned above simple remedies to help in colon cleansing without any side effects.Top 10 foods to clean Colon